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To Bloom

Lolita, Cosplay, & Design

External Services:
  • meemee_chibo@livejournal.com
Nicknames & Usernames: Chibo, bluephoenix, bluephoenixAOI
Age: Legal
Ethnicity: Filipino
Country of Origin: USA
Occupation: Fashion Design Student
Relationship Status: Taken and Loved

I was born an anime nerd; I love anime, manga, and games and it will never go away. I am pretty much into shoujos and slice of lifes. I am okay with shounen as long as it is timed nicely with no 5 episode long battles full of chit chat and standing around.
I am currently more into gaming as of the moment.

I have currently delved into the fashion world. Drawing and creating beauty is what I hope to do. I am particularly looking towards the Lolita, Lingerie, or Costume.

I am a Cosplayer. I love to dress up as different characters, as long as I am able to somewhat pull them off. It is a way to practice my technique, express my devotions, and just to let go.

I am a newborn Lolita. Starting of August 2010, I have decided to try and clean out my closet and make room for my new ever-growing Lolita collection.

I try to not have any pre-judgments and/or assumptions of anyone or anything; give me a reason and that can all change in a millisecond.

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